Sanibel Causeway Bridge Toll Booth Information

The toll booth sits at the outside entrance to the island, right next to the Punta Rassa Boat Ramp Park. The Leeway Group heads up the toll collection and electronic pass options. As of the time of this writing, the base toll charge is $6 for a two-axle vehicle. LeeWay offers discounts which can be obtained using an electronic transponder system, which is automatically read as you pass under the toll booth.
Traci W.

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Take Advantage of Leeway Pass

The LeeWay Plan is the most convenient way to pay a toll and avoid toll booth lines. Forget about looking for your cash and no need to roll down your window to get through.

Chung C.

You have to pay the Bridge Crossing Fee

Every now and then you can be waiting for five minutes at the toll booth. Fridays in February and March is the roughest traffic in Sanibel, and it cools off plenty in April.

Leonardo J.

Vote for Lower the Tolls

The toll is a negative, and sure wish they would do away with that and have a food tax or something instead.

Eldon J.

Darn there is a Toll ahead!

We thought Fort Myers Beach and Lovers Key State Park was much nicer and NO TOLL! We will not go back to Sanibel very often due to the high toll.

Vicki N.

Toll Booth Information

It must be a great pleasure to give your real news about Sanibel Island Florida, not the national political scene. The key is to focus on waterfront Trips! Also, the new bicycle welcome center is a bit hit on Sanibel. So fun, a place that is built by the bike bath to give them a big hello.

Kayla T.

What is the toll for a motorhome with a car in tow?

Question) What is the toll for a motorhome with a car in tow? Answer) They charge by axle ($3 for each axle) going through the Sanibel Causeway. So you can calculate your particular situation. A normal car has two axles, for $6. It is under the guidance of the LeeWay Group. It has been that charge for a long time, but could change obviously.

Lynnette R.

Causeway Bridge

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